Comissioned work for

Olga Andryushchenko and Natalia Demina


TrioC (2020)

Premiere / Online-concert 16th of May 2021

Comissioned work for the "(statt)Beethoven" chambermusicfestival 2020 (this festival spotlighted Beethovens 250th birthday by NOT playing his music).

Actually I do have my own style of writing music. But in the context of writing a comissioned work for a Beethoven-Chambermusicfestival I found it impossible to NOT quote wellknown music literature. Beethoven was part of all evolutionary landscapes in history of western music. To me his ouvre is comparable to an old strong oak tree with its big branches and thousands of leaves & acorns; a tree, which is surrounded by and depending on many other different trees.

Please enjoy this music, maybe recalling the quote "History repeats itself - first as a tragedy, second as a farce".


Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897)
Scherzo es-Moll für Klavier op. 4 (1851)

Julia RHODE (Recklinghausen, *1977)
TrioC für Klarinette, Violoncello und Klavier (2020) , premiere

Sidney CORBETT (*1960)
Im Angesicht des Zweiflers für Klarinette, Violoncello und Klavier (2006)
Johannes BRAHMS
Trio a-Moll für Klavier, Klarinette und Violoncello op. 114 (1891)

A huge thankyou to:

Rainer M. Klaas (Piano) & Michael Em Walter (Interview) - Organisation

Nina Gurol - Piano     Robert Beck - Clarinet     Javier Huerta Gimeno - Violoncello

Wiltrud Apfeld (Kulturraum "die Flora")  -  Organisation

Perspektive Medien GmbH

Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe, Stadt Gelsenkirchen & Stadt Recklinghausen

Three pieces

(played on orchestra strings)

Julia Rhode - Double Bass     /     Miriam Geier and Rainer M.Klaas - Piano     /     Jakob Rhode & Jonas Grote - Cameras & Video     /     Thomas Göbel - Audio & Video



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